Jerry Holland, Property Appraiser


Welcome to the Duval County Property Appraiser’s on-line homestead exemption application system. We are providing this system in an attempt to make filing for homestead exemption and other personal exemptions a little more convenient for you, the property owner.

In order to process your application on-line, our office must reflect the property ownership in your name. If you have recently closed on your property, please allow our office 60 days from your closing to process the deed and ownership change. If the March 1st deadline is approaching, please come into our office to file in person. Our office address is 231 E. Forsyth Street, Suite 260, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.

The following applications may also be filed on-line with the homestead exemption application:

  • Other personal exemptions such as widows, widowers, blind, disability, service connected disability
  • Transfer of Assessment Difference (Portability)

The following applications must be filed in person at our office:

  • Property ownerships not posted to your name
  • Adding additional exemptions to an existing homestead exemption
  • Adding additional applicants to a parcel that already has an existing homestead exemption
  • Married Couple, one spouse resides elsewhere


  • It is important that you print a copy of your application as your receipt. This is your confirmation that you have applied for a property tax exemption. In order to print your receipt, you must have Adobe Reader.
  • If additional information is required to complete your filing, a form will also print at the end of the application process listing any additional items needed. You MUST submit to our office the requested information to complete the application.
  • If you have any questions on filing for property tax exemptions, please
    contact our office at (904) 630-2020.

The next page will detail the documents required to complete the application.

Online Homestead Application System for Duval County, version 2.0.0